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Apr 24, 2013
Posted By
Jamie Jones

Dear Mr. Aaron Goodwin,

I’m just writing you a fellow e-mail in hopes that you will answer this big question! Do you by any chance have an instagram account? I know, that there are a lot of people out there that can honestly make links, and fraud you guys (which isn’t fair to those that are fans). I’m just wondering if you could actually tell me if you do or not before I search for you? Also, I’m just letting you know that the one episode that you guys did before this past Friday, was kind of a big disappointment. I’ve never thought I’d be so disappointed in your show Ghost Adventures, when I heard the spirit named Adam go “UH-HUH”. Now, you don’t have to tell me how it is done, but I honestly believe I know how it’s done, and yes I am a believer, but some what of a skeptic as well. How do you guys get the spirits out there to communicate? Or do you edit in voices later for show? Again, you don’t have to answer this (as I may or may not know the answer). I’m just wondering. I’m still a fan, don’t get me wrong, just disappointed in that one particular segment with ‘Adam’ going “Uh-huh”. It kinda caught me off-guard, as I was NOT expecting that. Anyway, please get back to me whenever you can at your convenience, thank you and have a wonderful day!

Jamie Jones