Well, the story of the Dibbuk Box is one of a kind. If u don’t know about it watch the Deadly Possessions episode, “Dibbuk Box.” The fact that it was buried in the ground for 10 years, then dug up and brought to Las Vegas is just scary crazy. This box is evil and dangerous and now it’s in the room with us.
While the interview with Jason Haxton, owner of the Dibbuk Box, the room got the oddest feeling ever. This dibbuk box is no joke; u can feel its energy. As the interview was going on, I was asked if I wanted to touch the dibbuk box. Something inside me said it was ok, and after a moment of thinking, I went for it. I put both of my hands on top of the box and immediately felt its energy. I zoned out and could feel this energy slowly go up both my arms. It felt numb and warm. It was like I was standing a block from the box even though I was only a foot away. There were never any bad feelings of danger. It was like we were both feeling each other out. It was like when a scary dog lets u pet it and you’re both cool with each other. After a bit of time, I snapped out of it and let it go. I would say I was touching it for about a minute, but I never felt threatened or anything like that at the time. It was almost like it was ok for me to do that; the box’s energy was checking my energy out.
Then the man who had owned the box years ago came in. The vibe changed right away. There was a nervous feeling in the room. Having no idea what he would do, I listened to the frightening story of what happened when his mom opened the box. I started wondering if I would be ok. As we let him go down stairs to have time with the box, we found out that he was doing something odd. I feel that he let the spirit out of the box. As were all listening to him in shock, I felt some sort of energy hold onto my leg like it was someone scared. My first thought was, “Oh shit. I touched the box in a nice and calm energy kind of way. So is the spirit of the box now holding me?” Who knows? I felt it was, but not in a bad way.
After about 2 hours I started noticing odd signs. I felt numb and a little nervous for a bit, as if something was affecting my energy. We filmed at the church later that night. While shooting, there was about thirty minutes that I couldn’t see well. Everything was a blur. As I was filming, I could see the screen because of a white cloud that covered my vision. We heard that this could happen after touching the box. I started to get nervous, but after we left the church I was fine. My dreams for the next for four nights were so scary. I kept feeling that there was something in my room. I had dreams that felt like some person kept waking me up from. I woke up from these dreams and saw gray. For the first couple of days I slept really badly. I kept napping all day and it just felt off. Time has passed and now I’m ok. It was just a lot to deal with knowing that box’s power. Part of me thinks it will stick around until the box is buried again, or something from it will linger. Something throughout the night still wakes me up all the time. It’s gotta be the spirit from the box or something else by now. It’s tough to say because we’ve investigated ever other week for the last 9 years, so who knows what kind of energy is just hanging around and waking me up. We never have down time, but that keeps us always on our game. So, it could be another spirit just messing with me now, but who knows? I do know I love my job J and everyday is different.

This lockdown was one I will never forget. I still think about it. I have done many lockdowns, but for some reason this one caused me to… Over the eight years many lockdowns have taught me so much about my life’s journey. This lockdown at the domes… I thought it was going to be bad, but weeks later it ended up being good for me. Now there is only so much time during the lockdown for evidence; there’s not enough time to show it all. We could have had a three-hour hour episode with so much going on that night. The moment I experienced in the dome as the craziness happened was a personal one that I want to share.

We were mid-investigation when we tried using the spirit box, but nothing came through until the question was asked, “Who do you want to talk to?” Then, a female’s voice said, “Aaron.” Nothing happened with the spirit box after that. I was a bit worried but we were distracted with other things that lead us to other places. It was like the spirits were luring us away, or they were running around us to attack. Time passed, and Zak sent me alone to the domes where we just captured the amazing shadow figure and that had seen satanic rituals in the past. I was armed with only my camera and Ovilus as i headed into the dome alone to where the rituals happened. I didn’t know what was going on with Billy. I had no idea that he had the picture of Jesus, or that was doing the prayer at the same time I was in the dome.

As I sat there alone in the dome, the Ovilus was on point. It said, “Aura,” which means it was talking about mine. It said, “Sit,” which I was. I now know why it said, “Jesus,” as Billy was doing his investigation. Why it said, “Disaster,” then, “demon.” What Billy was reading was related to what the Ovilus was saying. After all of this, I started to relax. Ovilus then said, “Lesser.” I just relaxed my energy. I knew something was happening, so i just went with it. i remember it said, “Focus.” i felt like I was. I was like a Jedi focused on what was going on around me. No joke, I thought about the Jedi way. It sounds funny or odd, but they kinda have it right in many ways. So I felt focused, and then I heard foot steps running around. I called to the guys, but there was no answer. Without even knowing what Billy was going through, and with the guys focused on him, I just stayed calm and waited for more. The Ovilus said, “Spot,” and I replied, “I’m spot on?” Then, I heard out-loud, “That’s right.” I could feel something walk up on me. The Ovilus started saying, “Traveled. Born. Rewind.” I started to feel like I was in a ritual. The spirits where doing it again, but this time it was with me. I turned on the SP 11 Spirit Box so I could get another way to communicate. The noise of it was so loud… It seemed to echo even louder.

I looked over to my left and saw a clocked figure standing there. This being wasn’t wearing a hood, but you could tell it had a cloak on. The head looked like the the big-horned bad guy in the movie Legend, but with a skinner face. Then all of a sudden, i could see its eyes glow red, and what looked like a glowing red blood stream spiral running up its horns. I followed the stream right up before the red got to the tip of its horns. I quickly stopped and looked away, stood up, and stated walking. Something deep down told me not to watch the red glow finish its trip up to the tip of the horn. It told me not to look back.

After I left the dome, I walked around the desert for about twenty minutes and tried to gather my thoughts about what I was feeling. I could hear the guys calling for me. I finally got to them. I was in a fog and just wanted to walk home. It was the oddest feeling. I went back to the dome after a while to pick up the gear. As I walked up to the circle and the Ovilus I said out loud, “I know I was supposed to be here and go through what I did, but is there anything else you need to tell me?” The Ovilus then said, “Complete.” I then felt the dome was empty; I was the only one in there. The energy had left.

Ok so you might be thinking, “What the… Aaron?” But as I picked up the gear, I noticed something different. I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time, but after the next few weeks, I had realized it.

My stress level was way down. If I became stressed, I snapped out of it faster then normal. This goes with with me just being down, lonely, or sad. When I was like that, something would snap me out of it. It was almost a feeling inside doing it. When this would happen, my first thought was about the domes even though time had passed, and it wasn’t even a thought in my brain any more.
My energy felt alined with my thoughts and what was around me. I was walking around the casino and something inside me told me to play that slot machine.  I played it and won.
I never thought of the dome much or the spirit I saw, but I had dreams about him for about a month after. I feel it was a powerful dark male spirit, but it went away. I hadn’t thought about it until now with the episode airing. It was an odd moment in time for sure. I’m not sure why that spirit was nice to me, but it was. Some bad spirits just might be good to some people, or maybe something happened that night that helped that spirit. Who knows? I guess I will find out in the afterlife.

Now, me saying all this it might sound spooky to you. For me, I understand what happened in that dome that night. It was something good for the bigger picture. I won’t know until I pass, but I feel it as a thank you. Ok, I’m not saying it was a good thing or a bad thing, I have no idea, but the thing is something that was done. Good or bad, it happened and it was completed. To this day, I feel different still. I feel wiser and calmer most the time at least. Time will tell me to learn more. I will go through many more of these moments. It’s my job and it’s awesome.

So Deadwood was one of the scariest moments that I’ve had in a while. Aside from the town being so haunted and full of ghosts, this will be one place that I’ll never forget. Here’s why: while upstairs investigating alone, right after being touched, I felt something that I’ve never felt before. It was a panic attack from a spirit. I was in the hallway after investigating that last room and just needed a moment to calm down. After a minute, I felt something walk up to me. I was in pitch darkness, but felt as if a man was standing face to face with me. Then this panic set in. I heard a breath and felt it hit me. I jumped back as I started having a terrible panic attack that must have lasted only for a minute but it felt like it lasted forever. There was no one around. I gathered myself and charged out of there to meet the guys.

Now here’s where it scared me more: for about two weeks after my panic attack, I could be walking around my house or wherever and suddenly freeze up. I would then feel a breeze hit my face as something walked up to me. It didn’t take me long to realize that whatever did this to me in Deadwood had now followed me home.

Later, while watching fireworks, I had another attack. I saw one firework fall over and point right at me. I quickly got up and moved. Thankfully, nothing happened and I sat back down. Then bam! Full on panic attack. There were people around, but it was like they weren’t there to me. I felt so far away from them. I was hoping for help but couldn’t talk. I realized what was happening and decided to ride it out for a while. I needed to endure this attack instead of freaking out. What I thought was only ten minutes ended up being more like forty-five. I checked my heart rate with my Fit Bit and saw that it was 140 beats per minute. Someone asked me if I was ok and I snapped out of it. I got up and walked around. Nothing happened… until I sat back down.

I felt that breath on me again as I sat. It wouldn’t let me get up. I tried and tried for like another forty-five minutes before I was able to stand up again. I’ve had some more small moments since then, but after a while, they slowly went away. I now truly know what a panic attack is. Having these attacks because of a spirit was no joke. I can only imagine how tough it is for people who get them regularly.

Every lockdown teaches me something new. This one taught me I’m alone on this journey in my life, and the only thing I have is just me and my aura. We’ve been through a lot together. Deadwood is now just a panic attack that’s followed me in memory. I‘ve left that feeling behind.


People ask me all the time if I cleanse myself from spirits. The answer? No, I don’t. I believe that there are reasons why I was chosen for this. There are the reasons I know, and there are reasons that I won’t know until I pass on to the next life. I don’t cleanse myself because I know that I’m going to go right back out there and do it again the following week. I feel that if I cleanse myself, I won’t get the same interaction with spirits. I’ve done it before, and all hell broke loose on me and my life. I decided a long, long time ago that I would just roll with the stuff that followed me home and learn from the experiences. I have learned much from doing these investigations for so long; I now know why they follow me… but that’s a whole other story.

There are three spirits that follow me most of the time. How do I know? I communicate with them at home. They have helped me through life even though they are bad spirits. If I come home from hunting and something has followed me home, the three spirits end up seeming to fight the new presence. My house gets so active, and even at times scary, but after a few days all usually goes back to normal. Normal, as in it’s just me and my three spirits. Who are these spirits?

Well, one is the spirit from Bobby Mackey’s Music World. I thought it was a bad spirit at first, but after time I learned that this entity guided me to where I needed to be. It kept me alone and forced me to learn how to live with spirits. I saw that dealing with this spirit was for the best even though I went through a tough time because of it.

The second spirit is something that I picked up in Scotland. I call it the vampire energy. I met some people in Scotland that performed a test on me to see how my energy was. The experiment would be something that changed me forever. I can’t tell you exactly what the experiment was or what it was supposed do. There are other groups out there that claim that something threw blood or whatever, but I learned from the pure source and not some wannabe source. I can say that this test was supposed to show a cut on one’s hand if they were part of something significant from the past. Seven cuts appeared on my hand, and let’s just say they thought I was something special. This person told me about the following three years of my life and when that period was done, I would be in Romania. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but this person was dead on. Things would transpire through the years that the source told me would happen. Everything that was said to me came true. I believe that the energies that followed me point in the direction I need to go and guide me on my journey. I’m not claiming that I’m a vampire or anything like that, but the source that tested me was.

The third spirit is the witch from Jamaica. I wanted to put this whole “follow me home spirits” thing to the test. I was going to make sure that I was right. After the two spirits that followed me home, I thought why not? I wanted to see if a spirit really could stay with you. As I walked into the forest where her grave was, I gave myself a few minutes before I started to roll the cameras. I walked up to her grave, got down on my knees, placed my hands on her tomb, and silently meditated until we connected. I connected with her spirit during the interviews, so during the investigation that night I returned to how I felt when we communed earlier. After I felt her energy, I opened my eyes and stretched my left arm to the center of her grave. I took the side of my thumb and placed it on her tomb. As I pulled back my hand, some of my thumb’s skin scraped leaving a bit of my blood on her grave. I took a small, already broken piece of the spot where her body lies.  As I did this I said, “You have a piece of me and I have a piece of you.”

Please do not do this. I don’t know what came over me, I just did it. After, I asked myself, “WTF did I just do?” I knew this was going to be interesting. Over the years she and I have become very close. It was scary at home at first. All of the ladies that I have dated over years have seen her in my hallway. But we after a while, I guess we had an understanding. When times are rough I always feel her comfort me. It’s odd, but she is the main spirit that I communicate with at home. I have seen her so many times, and when I’m down or depressed she is around to protect me. She looks after me when stuff gets scary. There are many stories to tell, but that’s for later.

My point is that I do not cleanse myself of spiritual energies. I probably never will. I’m lucky to be where I am, even though it took me a long time to like it. After the Winchester Mystery House investigation I changed and became what I am now. I call it my Matrix moment. I took the red pill and saw how deep the rabbit hole goes. I was stuck down there for a while, and then climbed back up out of it. I came out a different person for sure. I was wiser and very Mother Nature-ish. If this journey has taught me one thing, it’s that the afterlife is not what we think it is. And I am in training for it. This life gives me the opportunity to have a head start in the learning process. It’s just another way I have done things become the job I was given.  Oh yes there’s a lot you don’t know about me… One day, I will tell you all about it.



The first Tron movie was amazing to watch as a kid. That movie always brings me back to my childhood imagination, but the second Tron metaphorically relates to me in a major way. How, you ask? Well, it’s about hunting ghosts. It’s about getting thrown into a world you never knew or never even thought of. Bam! There you are!

Let me explain: you never know what the future holds, and neither did the son of Kevin Flynn. When he went to explore his dad’s work, he had no idea what he was about to get himself into. As he got zapped into Tron’s world, he found himself alone on the Grid. This is just like me in very big way, how I was thrown onto the ghost hunting grid that changed my life forever. When Sam went out on his quest to find his father he came across many obstacles and battles. He faced challenges that would train him to reach his goal. It’s just like me being thrown into battle with the demons and spirits that haunted these locations we went to. I too had to learn a way to confront or battle these entities just like Sam had to for the wars on the Grid.

The fight with spirits might be different than fighting bad guys on the Grid, but the world of hunting and investigating spirits is a lot like the battle with Clu’s minions. You communicate with easy spirits until you come across one of the powerful, major entities – just like how Sam encountered Clu. I too have met a powerful entity, but over the years I have continued to investigate so that I may learn what I need next to complete my mission. Sam does the same thing trying to find his father and get him off the Grid.

Sam eventually locates Flynn and has to find a way to get off of the Grid before he is trapped forever. During my time ghost hunting, I’ve tried to find answers and figure out what I need to eventually complete my task, but I’ve learned that there is no completion until the afterlife. Sam, Flynn, and their ally, Quorra all go out and fight Clu’s minions just like me and the guys do when we have to investigate and deal with entities. We always battle through until the next confrontation. In Tron: Legacy, Sam almost succeeds in rescuing his father and getting him off of the Grid, but Flynn still has to deal with himself – his creation and twin, Clu. Flynn has to sacrifice himself in order get his son, Sam, and Quorra off of the Grid and back to the real world.

I related to Sam and Quorra trying to get off of the Grid for a long time. I was fighting all of these bad entities, becoming stronger, figuring out ways to find my answers, and be done with it. However, I’ve learned during my time hunting ghosts over the years that I am more like Flynn. I’ve been giving myself up to the spirit world for a long time now. Doing what I do, and the person that I have become as a result, has put me on the grid of spirits. It’s a grid that I can’t get off of because I have gone too far. I gave myself up for the job. That’s more important to me than moving onto a normal way of life. My life is on the Sprit Grid now. I will never lead a normal life after doing all of this. What is a normal life, anyhow? We all have our own way. We all struggle to get better or complete sort of mission. So, in a metaphorical way, we can all relate to the Tron movies. You just have to find your character.

-Adeath tron me blog copy

I can’t tell you how crazy these lockdowns in Ireland were for me. Never in my mind could I think of what happened to me, could happen. I was stoked when I found out we were going to Ireland. I’ve always heard that it was amazing. All of the history and legends that happened there makes it a very different place. We went where Halloween began 🙂 Many people have had good and bad experiences at Routh Crowen cave; mine was very good. It was so awesome to crawl under the earth! I was uneasy at first but I then realized that I needed to go there. You’ll learn why in the new book that I’m writing. But during that moment I knew this was going to be the lockdown of my life, and it was.

After leaving the hole of Halloween, as I like to call it, we got back to our hotel, which was a real castle. It was wicked creepy with the forest as its back yard. I was outside one night when I heard a woman scream from the woods. I heard, “Nooooo!” I thought some one was dying! About twenty minutes later a cop drove up to the hotel, which is in the middle of nowhere. I went up to him to see if what I heard was the reason he was there. He had heard no reports of anything suspicious, but went to check it out. It was so late at night that I went to my room and passed out. The next morning the cop told the hotel that nothing had happened and that it was all good. Later on the trip I learned that what I heard was the banshee. I learned about this at the next location…

The Hellfire Club. Ok, let’s rewind. Years ago we investigated the Hellfire Cave where I participated in a ritual performed by Lady Snake to bring out the vibe of the cave. Let’s just say that moment hasn’t left me till this day.

Ever since the ritual of the Hellfire Cave, I have felt different, but in a good way. Then we hunted the Hellfire Club and I have never felt so much at home. As we reached the top of the mountain I sensed more and more a feeling of being comfortable. I had no idea that as soon as I walked into the building made of tombstones robbed from the ground, I would have flashes of what it used to look like. I could see the parties and the rituals going on. I don’t know if it was me, or if it had to do with the ritual I did at the Hellfire Cave years ago, but in an odd way, I felt right at home. And because of my past with the Hellfire Cave, I knew this was going to be the one experience that I’d been waiting for.

Lockdown night. As I walked to the Hellfire Club I started to think this could be my last day. That thought kept going through my mind on the drive up the hill. I thought, “Ok we need to stop real fast.” If you haven’t read my blog about my talisman then do it now, and then come back to this. I’ve worn this talisman for almost the whole time that I have been hunting. When I first walked around the Hellfire Club and had my moments of familiarity, my talisman started to burn my chest. I thought that maybe I bumped into something at first, but I knew exactly what was happening after feeling the pain. What really started to kick in was the fact that my talisman is from the boke wood found in Ireland. It almost felt like the wood around my neck was activating or coming alive! As we left the Hellfire Club, after the interviews, I couldn’t shake the visions and feeling of this place. I am nervous, but excited to find out what went down tonight in the lockdown!
For years, I’d get asked the question, “If you could interview anyone dead or alive, who would it be?” I always say the devil. I just think it’s the interview that would tell his side of the story. I mean, just an interview and nothing else! I don’t want to go to hell, lol!

Well after some time and getting home and through a few dreams, I think I did. That moment when my ear was grabbed, a thousand thoughts flashed through my mind. After like five seconds I got back to myself and ran out. As I stood there, all these emotions ran through me and I started to cry. All I could think was that it’s too late, it doesn’t matter anymore, and I’m fucked. But after about ten minutes of getting myself together again, all I could feel was that deep down, I knew that the devil had touched me. I didn’t want to say it out-loud because I would have sounded stupid, but after a bit I did. Lets just say that hearing it from the same banshee voice I have been hearing all week say, “Satan,” just proved me right. Knowing that made my heart drop. Sitting there on the hill where the devil once stood, and knowing my history with the hellfire group, I knew that there was a reason for what had just happened to me. I’m not saying I like the feeling, because to this day, I still feel those emotions. Every single day.

As we went down the hill I couldn’t shake what had just happened. I would gain my composure and be ok for about a minute, but then it was back to an emotional rollercoaster. We stopped, and all I could do was break down. As I explained, “This is a way of life,” we heard a woman scream, “Noooo.” This was my second time hearing her on this trip. I realized that my life wasn’t normal nor will it ever be, but this time it went too far with the evil of a spirit. It was the worst of the worst.

When I say that it’s too late and stuff, I mean that I’m kinda fucked in a way. Getting touched by the worst spirit, ‘the devil,’ was no easy thing to shake. I still haven’t shook the feeling. It feels like I’m reminded every day.


As soon as we walked into the building I started having flashes. I visited some of the rooms in my dreams a week before I even saw Loftus Hall. As we pulled up to the most haunted house in Ireland, it was almost like we went back in time. Knowing what happened at this location with the devil, the hellfire club, and everything, I knew deep down that this was going to be the toughest lockdown I’ve been on yet. I knew it because of what I had just went through earlier. Hearing the stories of the guy who owns the hall put odd thoughts in my head. It was almost like I had heard the story before.

For about a week and a half before this lockdown, I was having nightmares about one room. The room ended up being the room where the girl was chained up to a bed. When he opened the doors I just about passed out. I knew this was the spot in my dreams. I felt as if I was back…

As I sat at the poker table, I started to think that it was a really bad idea. But, I’ve been this far so why not? In my mind, I was so nervous and scared. All I could think about was like, the door opening and it’s battle time. You know like at the start of Saving Private Ryan… The door to the landing boat drops and bam! D-Day! Having to just to sit there and wait, not knowing what was coming. Dude! I was there for a while, about ten to fifteen minutes, and when I started feeling a presence around me. As I sat there, I felt like I couldn’t move, but at the same time I could move it was just that I didn’t want that kind of feeling. I figured the best way to get activity was to start dealing the cards. After dealing to four positions (I don’t know why I did that), I picked my cards up. No joke, it was three sixes. I thought, “Of course it is.” There wasn’t any good feeling after that. I felt like I just entered a movie you see on TV. The last week flashed before my eyes, and the touch I felt at the Hellfire Club kicked in. Then that’s when the figure showed up on my shoulders and my other ear was touched. I’m in a zone and not afraid of what’s happening. I was in a ‘zone comma,’ as I like to call it. I could feel the spirit or evil being on me as it just chilled there. Putting my hand out and the entity reaching for it felt so odd. It was almost as if it was my pet. It would leave then come back to me again. As time went on, the guys went to other places in the house and I stayed there alone. I couldn’t move. Like in the movie Kill Bill when she’s like, “Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your toes!” and finally does. That was me, telling myself to get up over and over again! After about ten minutes I finally snapped out of it and stood up. This is when I went out side and threw up a little bit before regrouping with the guys.

As soon as I left the card room my talisman started to get hot and my chest began to burn. My chest burned for three days and then the pain finally went away. As we hunted the night away I felt that I was in a different place. It was almost as if I was back to finish something that I had started in a different lifetime.

Ireland. It was a trip that I never will forget.

When I got home all hell broke loose on me, ya know that kinda thing. I basically hung out on my own for two months and worked. I was in a state of depression, choosing not to talk to anyone about it. I was still seriously affected by the lockdown. So, I just sat back and watched and listened to the crazy paranormal stuff going on at my house. Chilling at the house with, what all I can explain as the scariest spirit ever. To this day I still can’t shake the feeling I had at the Hellfire Club. But what I learned on this hunt will be something that I will never forget.

People ask me of I get cleansed. I don’t. I will when I’m finally done hunting. Until then, I will learn from every experience and every lockdown. This lockdown taught me that once, in a past life, I was maybe part of the Hellfire Club. Ok, there is so much more to this, but you will have to wait until my book comes out! 🙂

Awesome news I have… my own web series special on 🙂 It’s doing something I have wanted to do for about 15 years, and now I get the opportunity to do it. Learn from the pros on how to take the best still photos. You see, I didn’t go to film school. I taught my-self how to shoot a video camera then snuck into classes to see if I did it right. I have never been good at learning from books. I learn from hands on. A lot of people are like that. This series is about you and me learning together from the pros on how to take the best pictures possible. From the perfect selfie to the best sunset shot. Plus so much more 🙂 When you go out to take a picture from your cell phone or a consumer camera u to can look like a pro. Soon this will be on the web and I will post all about it when it is.


Some info on my photography over the years.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows I love taking pictures. I take most of my pictures on my iPhone and Instagram it or tweet them everyday. I have an addiction and It’s called taking pictures. Over the last 16 years I have found a love for it. I would say I have taken almost 500,000 to 1,000,000 pictures in that time. No joke. I am currently making a picture book but looking threw all the photos is taking way to long. For about 2 years now I have been collecting pictures and doing rough drafts for this book but It’s like cleaning and organizing your house. You never find the time to do it. Am I right? lol. I’m half way done now and have quotes for pics and stuff like that. You will see 🙂 then the next step is getting a publishing company. A lot of work but worth it.

When I first stared it was with a normal camera where u had to go to Costco to get the film developed. Now it’s all a digital world. Which I really like. With so many cameras out there it’s tough to find the right one but with the cell phone and social networking, the cell phone is the camera of choice because of how we upload to the sites. It’s just easier to do with the cell phone these days.

I always get asked on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter what camera I use, it’s my cell phone. It’s all on how u take the pic or tap the screen to get the best lighting. Since I got the iPhone I have been in heaven. This phone takes great pictures. I’m sure the other phones do to but there is something about the iPhone. I always get great lighting out of it and the pictures look so clear in low light. I have tried all the other phones and there pictures just don’t do it for me like the iPhone does.

My favorite thing about walking around is that there’s a picture everywhere and anywhere. Every where u look there is a picture to take. Whether it’s a landscape picture or up close to something. It could be a leaf on a tree limb and a cloud in the back ground. It’s all about the focus or lighting. It’s always there, It’s just how u see it. The pictures u see me take on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter is how I see it.

Just walking down the street there are hundreds of picture opportunities, you just have to look. Maybe a bug or a tree, and anything in the sky is usually a great pic. But if you focus the camera or adjust the iris u see something more. I have the 5D Mark III cannon and I want to learn more about that camera and do more things with it. Right now it’s mainly my cell phone I use. I shoot a lot of video on the Mark 3 but really want to learn its potential on still photos. I am so busy most of the time I never get to it. This year my goal is to understand as much as possible on still photography. I’m always trying to learn more and more. I know a video camera very well but I need to know way more when it comes to still photography. Finally, this is my chance to learn from the best in this new web special I’m shooting with Travel Channel 🙂



IMG_8931People ask me all the time if I have something I wear to protect my self. No, but Yes. In all the years I have been hunting spirits I have changed so much. At first I would just hold my breath and hunted away in fear, then I received as a gift, a 5,600 year old bog oak wood talisman from Ireland. I was thinking what the f***. I never even knew what a talisman meant. I liked it a lot though and put it on. After wearing it for a few hours my chest started hurting where the talisman laid. I took it off and thought it was a bad thing since it hurt my chest and threw it out the van window. As it went out the window it flew back at me and let’s just say everyone in the van was shocked then wigged out. I then realized it was something special but it still freaked me out. I didn’t put it back on for months. It now is always on me everyday for a very good reason. But first, let me tell you about what the talisman is all about.
The talisman I wear around my neck is made of bog oak from the forests of Ireland. Hand carved and blessed by an Irish Arch Druid that has wise knowledge about creating these magical tools. The wooden talisman is cut from the tree and dried 2 – 3 years and blessed two times a day before it’s ready to be used. The wood is naturally black and the trees were living thousands of years ago, when the myths and legends from Ireland were being formed. These talisman are carved and brought to what they say is the most sacred and magical place in all the land of Ireland, Tara Hill, and then blessed and charged by Adge. In Irish mythology it is said to be the sacred place of the gods and a doorway to other worlds. Tara Hill they say is truly one of the sacred places on earth and is the center of an enormous energy vortex. That’s a special piece of wood I wear around my neck J
After I threw the talisman out the window cause it hurt my chest,
I learned that it was actually working. It was taking away the negative and helping me. I thought it was hurting me. Well, if you disrespect your talisman then it won’t work for you anymore. So I kept it to take home. As I was flying home I remember looking at it in my bag thinking, “oh great, bad luck charm now on the plane with me.” Not a good place to have it. When I got home I never took it out of my bag and forgot about it for a few days. When I did look for it, it was gone. I figured it fell out on the plane. I felt bad cause it was a very special object I had. 

A month goes by and I always think about how my chest hurt from the talisman, I thought about it often. Here is when it all changed and we reunited again, on a lockdown in a place I was really worried about and scared. I was at Essex Insane Asylum and we just get locked in. As I open the camera case to get the gear ready for the hunt, I notice my talisman is wrapped up in the camera I use. This was odd because I just checked the camera and put batteries in all the gear and it wasn’t there. From that point the gear stays in my room until I take it to the car and headed to location. So I know the gear never left my site. I have no idea how it got there and why, but I put it on and vow to never let it leave me again. This was so odd that it flew back at me and I lost it and it came back that I just didn’t question it anymore. I understand there are things in life that are in a way magical and mysterious. My talisman is one of them.
Over the years, there have been a few other times this talisman has made me believe even more in it.
1. I took it off to show some friends. I don’t let people touch it ever unless I feel their vibe is safe, and told them all about it. As my necklace just hung there from my finger, the talisman started moving upwards like a person on a swing and started going back and forth. Everyone jumped back and freaked out. I never took it off for years after that except when I shower. 
2. Sometimes I meditate and light candles in a circle and just find my ora. As I was thinking about Astral Projection and so much more, the talisman started to lift up and pull away from my neck. I snapped out of it and took it off. I threw it out of the circle and realized I shouldn’t have done that. Just then, a jar flew off my counter in the kitchen and shattered all over the floor. I felt like maybe I was tricked and took it off. Like something was pulling it off me and then, not thinking, I took it off. Why do I feel like that? Well, it wasn’t until after the Voodoo lockdown I realized why.
3. I never put my talisman back on for about four months. About three weeks after I took it off I went and did the Voodoo ritual on Ghost Adventures. If u watch all the episodes, I’m always wearing it but not then or after, for a while. I went through nine months of a depression from that Voodoo ritual. For the first three months I never thought once about putting it on. After I realized it I put it back on and things got a little better for me. It still took me many days and nights to get through it but I concentrated on working on my stuff at home and traveling for Ghost Adventures. I live, work, breath, and sleep in the scary world of paranormal but that’s how its supposed to be. I’m learning too much not to pay attention to what’s happening around me. 
So, now I wear it again every day. Since the first season of Ghost Adventures it’s been on my neck and will be until I am no more. One more thing, one time someone punched me in the chest joking around and hit me hard right on the talisman. The hit knocked the wind out of me. It hurt so bad, then I realized after I looked down at my shirt, that my talisman is stuck in my chest and I’m bleeding all over. It felt like I was branded like superman in the TV show Smallville, LOL. As I pulled it away from my chest it was sticking in my skin. It felt so weird pulling it away from me. Like a bandage that’s stuck to a wound, but i realized my blood was on it and the talisman was in me in a way. Sounds odd, but that’s how it is, odd things with it. I continue this journey with all I have to face and fear along with it.

I believe the talisman doesn’t keep me safe from spirits but keeps me and my ora grounded. Now I’m understanding why the talisman fell in my lap. Its funny how life works, one day u live a normal life as a Production Cameraman to a real life Spirit Hunter. My point is, I thank the way the world works and for receiving this talisman. It really helped me believe even more that spirits roam with me and what I wear on my neck is no joke. If I was to lose it again then that’s the way it is and I won’t need it then. But I plan on having it the rest of my existence in this human body. It’s been with me the entire Ghost Adventures journey.