I can’t tell you how crazy these lockdowns in Ireland were for me. Never in my mind could I think of what happened to me, could happen. I was stoked when I found out we were going to Ireland. I’ve always heard that it was amazing. All of the history and legends that happened there makes it a very different place. We went where Halloween began :) Many people have had good and bad experiences at Routh Crowen cave; mine was very good. It was so awesome to crawl under the earth! I was uneasy at first but I then realized that I needed to go there. You’ll learn why in the new book that I’m writing. But during that moment I knew this was going to be the lockdown of my life, and it was.

After leaving the hole of Halloween, as I like to call it, we got back to our hotel, which was a real castle. It was wicked creepy with the forest as its back yard. I was outside one night when I heard a woman scream from the woods. I heard, “Nooooo!” I thought some one was dying! About twenty minutes later a cop drove up to the hotel, which is in the middle of nowhere. I went up to him to see if what I heard was the reason he was there. He had heard no reports of anything suspicious, but went to check it out. It was so late at night that I went to my room and passed out. The next morning the cop told the hotel that nothing had happened and that it was all good. Later on the trip I learned that what I heard was the banshee. I learned about this at the next location…

The Hellfire Club. Ok, let’s rewind. Years ago we investigated the Hellfire Cave where I participated in a ritual performed by Lady Snake to bring out the vibe of the cave. Let’s just say that moment hasn’t left me till this day.

Ever since the ritual of the Hellfire Cave, I have felt different, but in a good way. Then we hunted the Hellfire Club and I have never felt so much at home. As we reached the top of the mountain I sensed more and more a feeling of being comfortable. I had no idea that as soon as I walked into the building made of tombstones robbed from the ground, I would have flashes of what it used to look like. I could see the parties and the rituals going on. I don’t know if it was me, or if it had to do with the ritual I did at the Hellfire Cave years ago, but in an odd way, I felt right at home. And because of my past with the Hellfire Cave, I knew this was going to be the one experience that I’d been waiting for.

Lockdown night. As I walked to the Hellfire Club I started to think this could be my last day. That thought kept going through my mind on the drive up the hill. I thought, “Ok we need to stop real fast.” If you haven’t read my blog about my talisman then do it now, and then come back to this. I’ve worn this talisman for almost the whole time that I have been hunting. When I first walked around the Hellfire Club and had my moments of familiarity, my talisman started to burn my chest. I thought that maybe I bumped into something at first, but I knew exactly what was happening after feeling the pain. What really started to kick in was the fact that my talisman is from the boke wood found in Ireland. It almost felt like the wood around my neck was activating or coming alive! As we left the Hellfire Club, after the interviews, I couldn’t shake the visions and feeling of this place. I am nervous, but excited to find out what went down tonight in the lockdown!
For years, I’d get asked the question, “If you could interview anyone dead or alive, who would it be?” I always say the devil. I just think it’s the interview that would tell his side of the story. I mean, just an interview and nothing else! I don’t want to go to hell, lol!

Well after some time and getting home and through a few dreams, I think I did. That moment when my ear was grabbed, a thousand thoughts flashed through my mind. After like five seconds I got back to myself and ran out. As I stood there, all these emotions ran through me and I started to cry. All I could think was that it’s too late, it doesn’t matter anymore, and I’m fucked. But after about ten minutes of getting myself together again, all I could feel was that deep down, I knew that the devil had touched me. I didn’t want to say it out-loud because I would have sounded stupid, but after a bit I did. Lets just say that hearing it from the same banshee voice I have been hearing all week say, “Satan,” just proved me right. Knowing that made my heart drop. Sitting there on the hill where the devil once stood, and knowing my history with the hellfire group, I knew that there was a reason for what had just happened to me. I’m not saying I like the feeling, because to this day, I still feel those emotions. Every single day.

As we went down the hill I couldn’t shake what had just happened. I would gain my composure and be ok for about a minute, but then it was back to an emotional rollercoaster. We stopped, and all I could do was break down. As I explained, “This is a way of life,” we heard a woman scream, “Noooo.” This was my second time hearing her on this trip. I realized that my life wasn’t normal nor will it ever be, but this time it went too far with the evil of a spirit. It was the worst of the worst.

When I say that it’s too late and stuff, I mean that I’m kinda fucked in a way. Getting touched by the worst spirit, ‘the devil,’ was no easy thing to shake. I still haven’t shook the feeling. It feels like I’m reminded every day.


As soon as we walked into the building I started having flashes. I visited some of the rooms in my dreams a week before I even saw Loftus Hall. As we pulled up to the most haunted house in Ireland, it was almost like we went back in time. Knowing what happened at this location with the devil, the hellfire club, and everything, I knew deep down that this was going to be the toughest lockdown I’ve been on yet. I knew it because of what I had just went through earlier. Hearing the stories of the guy who owns the hall put odd thoughts in my head. It was almost like I had heard the story before.

For about a week and a half before this lockdown, I was having nightmares about one room. The room ended up being the room where the girl was chained up to a bed. When he opened the doors I just about passed out. I knew this was the spot in my dreams. I felt as if I was back…

As I sat at the poker table, I started to think that it was a really bad idea. But, I’ve been this far so why not? In my mind, I was so nervous and scared. All I could think about was like, the door opening and it’s battle time. You know like at the start of Saving Private Ryan… The door to the landing boat drops and bam! D-Day! Having to just to sit there and wait, not knowing what was coming. Dude! I was there for a while, about ten to fifteen minutes, and when I started feeling a presence around me. As I sat there, I felt like I couldn’t move, but at the same time I could move it was just that I didn’t want that kind of feeling. I figured the best way to get activity was to start dealing the cards. After dealing to four positions (I don’t know why I did that), I picked my cards up. No joke, it was three sixes. I thought, “Of course it is.” There wasn’t any good feeling after that. I felt like I just entered a movie you see on TV. The last week flashed before my eyes, and the touch I felt at the Hellfire Club kicked in. Then that’s when the figure showed up on my shoulders and my other ear was touched. I’m in a zone and not afraid of what’s happening. I was in a ‘zone comma,’ as I like to call it. I could feel the spirit or evil being on me as it just chilled there. Putting my hand out and the entity reaching for it felt so odd. It was almost as if it was my pet. It would leave then come back to me again. As time went on, the guys went to other places in the house and I stayed there alone. I couldn’t move. Like in the movie Kill Bill when she’s like, “Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your toes!” and finally does. That was me, telling myself to get up over and over again! After about ten minutes I finally snapped out of it and stood up. This is when I went out side and threw up a little bit before regrouping with the guys.

As soon as I left the card room my talisman started to get hot and my chest began to burn. My chest burned for three days and then the pain finally went away. As we hunted the night away I felt that I was in a different place. It was almost as if I was back to finish something that I had started in a different lifetime.

Ireland. It was a trip that I never will forget.

When I got home all hell broke loose on me, ya know that kinda thing. I basically hung out on my own for two months and worked. I was in a state of depression, choosing not to talk to anyone about it. I was still seriously affected by the lockdown. So, I just sat back and watched and listened to the crazy paranormal stuff going on at my house. Chilling at the house with, what all I can explain as the scariest spirit ever. To this day I still can’t shake the feeling I had at the Hellfire Club. But what I learned on this hunt will be something that I will never forget.

People ask me of I get cleansed. I don’t. I will when I’m finally done hunting. Until then, I will learn from every experience and every lockdown. This lockdown taught me that once, in a past life, I was maybe part of the Hellfire Club. Ok, there is so much more to this, but you will have to wait until my book comes out! :)

Awesome news I have… my own web series special on travelchannel.com :) It’s doing something I have wanted to do for about 15 years, and now I get the opportunity to do it. Learn from the pros on how to take the best still photos. You see, I didn’t go to film school. I taught my-self how to shoot a video camera then snuck into classes to see if I did it right. I have never been good at learning from books. I learn from hands on. A lot of people are like that. This series is about you and me learning together from the pros on how to take the best pictures possible. From the perfect selfie to the best sunset shot. Plus so much more :) When you go out to take a picture from your cell phone or a consumer camera u to can look like a pro. Soon this will be on the web and I will post all about it when it is.


Some info on my photography over the years.

Anyone that knows me personally, knows I love taking pictures. I take most of my pictures on my iPhone and Instagram it or tweet them everyday. I have an addiction and It’s called taking pictures. Over the last 16 years I have found a love for it. I would say I have taken almost 500,000 to 1,000,000 pictures in that time. No joke. I am currently making a picture book but looking threw all the photos is taking way to long. For about 2 years now I have been collecting pictures and doing rough drafts for this book but It’s like cleaning and organizing your house. You never find the time to do it. Am I right? lol. I’m half way done now and have quotes for pics and stuff like that. You will see :) then the next step is getting a publishing company. A lot of work but worth it.

When I first stared it was with a normal camera where u had to go to Costco to get the film developed. Now it’s all a digital world. Which I really like. With so many cameras out there it’s tough to find the right one but with the cell phone and social networking, the cell phone is the camera of choice because of how we upload to the sites. It’s just easier to do with the cell phone these days.

I always get asked on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter what camera I use, it’s my cell phone. It’s all on how u take the pic or tap the screen to get the best lighting. Since I got the iPhone I have been in heaven. This phone takes great pictures. I’m sure the other phones do to but there is something about the iPhone. I always get great lighting out of it and the pictures look so clear in low light. I have tried all the other phones and there pictures just don’t do it for me like the iPhone does.

My favorite thing about walking around is that there’s a picture everywhere and anywhere. Every where u look there is a picture to take. Whether it’s a landscape picture or up close to something. It could be a leaf on a tree limb and a cloud in the back ground. It’s all about the focus or lighting. It’s always there, It’s just how u see it. The pictures u see me take on Instagram, Facebook, or twitter is how I see it.

Just walking down the street there are hundreds of picture opportunities, you just have to look. Maybe a bug or a tree, and anything in the sky is usually a great pic. But if you focus the camera or adjust the iris u see something more. I have the 5D Mark III cannon and I want to learn more about that camera and do more things with it. Right now it’s mainly my cell phone I use. I shoot a lot of video on the Mark 3 but really want to learn its potential on still photos. I am so busy most of the time I never get to it. This year my goal is to understand as much as possible on still photography. I’m always trying to learn more and more. I know a video camera very well but I need to know way more when it comes to still photography. Finally, this is my chance to learn from the best in this new web special I’m shooting with Travel Channel :)



IMG_8931People ask me all the time if I have something I wear to protect my self. No, but Yes. In all the years I have been hunting spirits I have changed so much. At first I would just hold my breath and hunted away in fear, then I received as a gift, a 5,600 year old bog oak wood talisman from Ireland. I was thinking what the f***. I never even knew what a talisman meant. I liked it a lot though and put it on. After wearing it for a few hours my chest started hurting where the talisman laid. I took it off and thought it was a bad thing since it hurt my chest and threw it out the van window. As it went out the window it flew back at me and let’s just say everyone in the van was shocked then wigged out. I then realized it was something special but it still freaked me out. I didn’t put it back on for months. It now is always on me everyday for a very good reason. But first, let me tell you about what the talisman is all about.
The talisman I wear around my neck is made of bog oak from the forests of Ireland. Hand carved and blessed by an Irish Arch Druid that has wise knowledge about creating these magical tools. The wooden talisman is cut from the tree and dried 2 – 3 years and blessed two times a day before it’s ready to be used. The wood is naturally black and the trees were living thousands of years ago, when the myths and legends from Ireland were being formed. These talisman are carved and brought to what they say is the most sacred and magical place in all the land of Ireland, Tara Hill, and then blessed and charged by Adge. In Irish mythology it is said to be the sacred place of the gods and a doorway to other worlds. Tara Hill they say is truly one of the sacred places on earth and is the center of an enormous energy vortex. That’s a special piece of wood I wear around my neck J
After I threw the talisman out the window cause it hurt my chest,
I learned that it was actually working. It was taking away the negative and helping me. I thought it was hurting me. Well, if you disrespect your talisman then it won’t work for you anymore. So I kept it to take home. As I was flying home I remember looking at it in my bag thinking, “oh great, bad luck charm now on the plane with me.” Not a good place to have it. When I got home I never took it out of my bag and forgot about it for a few days. When I did look for it, it was gone. I figured it fell out on the plane. I felt bad cause it was a very special object I had. 

A month goes by and I always think about how my chest hurt from the talisman, I thought about it often. Here is when it all changed and we reunited again, on a lockdown in a place I was really worried about and scared. I was at Essex Insane Asylum and we just get locked in. As I open the camera case to get the gear ready for the hunt, I notice my talisman is wrapped up in the camera I use. This was odd because I just checked the camera and put batteries in all the gear and it wasn’t there. From that point the gear stays in my room until I take it to the car and headed to location. So I know the gear never left my site. I have no idea how it got there and why, but I put it on and vow to never let it leave me again. This was so odd that it flew back at me and I lost it and it came back that I just didn’t question it anymore. I understand there are things in life that are in a way magical and mysterious. My talisman is one of them.
Over the years, there have been a few other times this talisman has made me believe even more in it.
1. I took it off to show some friends. I don’t let people touch it ever unless I feel their vibe is safe, and told them all about it. As my necklace just hung there from my finger, the talisman started moving upwards like a person on a swing and started going back and forth. Everyone jumped back and freaked out. I never took it off for years after that except when I shower. 
2. Sometimes I meditate and light candles in a circle and just find my ora. As I was thinking about Astral Projection and so much more, the talisman started to lift up and pull away from my neck. I snapped out of it and took it off. I threw it out of the circle and realized I shouldn’t have done that. Just then, a jar flew off my counter in the kitchen and shattered all over the floor. I felt like maybe I was tricked and took it off. Like something was pulling it off me and then, not thinking, I took it off. Why do I feel like that? Well, it wasn’t until after the Voodoo lockdown I realized why.
3. I never put my talisman back on for about four months. About three weeks after I took it off I went and did the Voodoo ritual on Ghost Adventures. If u watch all the episodes, I’m always wearing it but not then or after, for a while. I went through nine months of a depression from that Voodoo ritual. For the first three months I never thought once about putting it on. After I realized it I put it back on and things got a little better for me. It still took me many days and nights to get through it but I concentrated on working on my stuff at home and traveling for Ghost Adventures. I live, work, breath, and sleep in the scary world of paranormal but that’s how its supposed to be. I’m learning too much not to pay attention to what’s happening around me. 
So, now I wear it again every day. Since the first season of Ghost Adventures it’s been on my neck and will be until I am no more. One more thing, one time someone punched me in the chest joking around and hit me hard right on the talisman. The hit knocked the wind out of me. It hurt so bad, then I realized after I looked down at my shirt, that my talisman is stuck in my chest and I’m bleeding all over. It felt like I was branded like superman in the TV show Smallville, LOL. As I pulled it away from my chest it was sticking in my skin. It felt so weird pulling it away from me. Like a bandage that’s stuck to a wound, but i realized my blood was on it and the talisman was in me in a way. Sounds odd, but that’s how it is, odd things with it. I continue this journey with all I have to face and fear along with it.

I believe the talisman doesn’t keep me safe from spirits but keeps me and my ora grounded. Now I’m understanding why the talisman fell in my lap. Its funny how life works, one day u live a normal life as a Production Cameraman to a real life Spirit Hunter. My point is, I thank the way the world works and for receiving this talisman. It really helped me believe even more that spirits roam with me and what I wear on my neck is no joke. If I was to lose it again then that’s the way it is and I won’t need it then. But I plan on having it the rest of my existence in this human body. It’s been with me the entire Ghost Adventures journey.


I’m doing something cool. I’m going to share the work and shorts I have shot for the last 15 years. I started learning how to shoot and edit in 1998 with my best friends Steed, Eric, Bacon, and Brad and many other close friends. We would shoot anything and everything just to learn the techniques about shooting a movie. We called it “ghetto gorilla” style shooting. Making it up as we shot, improving and just being us.  We snuck into conventions dressed up all odd and walked around the strip in crazy outfits. (Now the strip is a freak show of characters asking for money) We were the first to do it out here but never asked for money.

I will be showing you the Aaron and Brad show, plus a ton of demos I shot for people and movie premieres. I would go and ask anyone that seemed like they needed a promo demo video if I could shoot for them for free and use the footage to promote my self and for them. I did so many free gigs but that was how I got known in the industry, then hired for work all the time.


I would edit in the day time, then I would work as a waiter at night. Then when I was off work we would go out and shoot all night skits until the sun came up. Sometimes I would get gigs in production, work it, then go be a waiter and edit at night. Never a dull moment in my life. I learned a lot this way, and also sneaking into UNLV film classes. When you have no money then u make your dreams come true on your own. That’s how I saw it.


I will be showing you everything along my journey to now. how it all started for me and how I got to where I am now by hard work. I took a big step in life on my own and It paid off. I hope this can help you see that you can do anything if u just try hard in life. Nothing is easy and nothing is free. Its only you that can make it happen. So sit back and watch all this throughout the next 6 months on http://www.youtube.com/agoodwincollections my personal youtube channel.


Thank you everyone and I hope you like the videos.


Aaron Goodwin


Many people have been asking why and how I am losing weight. So I’ll tell you. Most of you guys saw me for the 1st time in the documentary. Well that was the heaviest I have ever been. 254 pounds. You see, I just got done sitting at a computer for 2 and a half months editing up two NASCAR reality TV shows. I went and spent tons of money following around two drivers in the NASCAR races with a crew of 6 people that I hired to shoot it. It was so much fun. I got to go on the tracks, in the pits, and see NASCAR first-hand. When I was done I had to go home and edit the 2 shows to pitch to networks to be sold. Now when I was home it was junk food and mochas all day to keep me awake as I sat there for 15 hours a day for 2 and a half months. That adds weight real fast on a person.

Fast forward to 5 months ago. That’s about the time I took sugars out of my everyday routine. No more mochas just black coffee. Instead of ice cream I went to yogurt. Instead of candy I went to fruit. I think u see the pattern here. Not only taking away the sugars but also making the portions of food I eat smaller. I learned something while being over seas shooting. They eat what they need to and don’t over eat. Here in the USA its all huge portions and tons of chemicals in the food. When I had pizza in italy there wasn’t much but sauce cheese and thin bread. The sauce was amazing because there was no added flavoring and stuff like that. As soon as I got to back to the states the food seemed gross. It took me a long time to get back to eating it.

This is when I decided to make what I eat 5 days out of the week. 2 of the days I grub what ever but I always tend to still eat good. I have a peace of candy here and there but not much anymore. But the key to this is less portions. Don’t eat to be full. U can always snack later on nuts or fruit. Instead of eating the whole burger eat ¾ of it. No fries, do a salad. Or mashed potatoes. Fried food will kill you. BUT the main thing I gave up was fast food 4 years ago and it took 2 years for me to feel the healthiness of not eating it.

For some reason corn will destroy my stomach and I cant eat it. Corn is hard to digest and I just stay away from it. I can have corn syrup oddly enough but not to much. This proves that corn is in so much crap. I haven’t been eating tortilla chips like Doritos for a long time. I only eat kettle chips. You see taking all this crap out of your diet is the key. I really don’t work out that much except for swimming. I hate lifting weights. Its just not my thing. Once or twice a month I’ll lift then realize I hate it.

Another key thing is don’t eat heavy meals past 7pm. Your body slows down at night and takes longer to digest it. also when you sleep it just sits in your stomach all night. Eat soft and easy to digest food late night. Cereal is the best for that. If you cant eat until then, then eat extra before work or whatever. You have to be able to discipline our self and don’t give in. Also take your vitamins. That helps your body really use the food you eat for the right things.

If I’m starving on the road and all there is is a gas station that’s fine. I get nuts and cereal and yogurt and a banana and mix it up and eat it. you can always find the healthier rout in life anywhere. Im now 201 in weight and feeling great. I lost all the extra weight I don’t need and now feel so healthy. You just have to have the will and there is always a way. You can only let your self down. So do your self a favor and don’t let it down. Think about how a 100 years ago there was just simple food from a garden. Now we put chemicals in it and the FDA is killing us. Please do me a favor and stop eating fast food. Its enough to make you feel 100 times better everyday. Watch fast food nation or that documentary about eating fast food for 30 days. Its not all correct but it will show you what I’m talking about on how fast food will kill you. they say you should only eat fast food 5 times a year. Think about that when your to lazy to cook. I would love to see more healthy people, but we just give in to food on the go. I used to eat all that, but now I put a stop to it in my life.

I’m not the guy who knows everything and I’m still learning but that’s the best way for me right now. Find your best way and make a change in life. It starts with you and you only. Its true you know, when they say you are what you eat. I love cashews so that’s why I’m such a nut. lol


Many of you have been asking me about how Big Steppin all got started. I have been doing this since the days of high school. I would walk through the hallways real slow, like I was sneaking around without a hall pass but making it real obvious as I big stepped past the doorway windows. Who knows what the students thought. After high school I moved up in the big leagues of big stepping and did it in public. At first I would walk across the street at a cross walk. People in their cars would give me the oddest looks. Ha Ha, it was great. The next step I took was walking through a crowd of people maneuvering through them. They would get pissed off sometimes, but I never ran into them or stopped them from walking. I think they just couldn’t handle the awesomeness of Big Steppin. It started out to just being sneaky, but now it’s a whole new thing for me.

Now when I do it I make sure I take a picture so I can say, “Ya, I Big Stepped Seattle and Venice Italy and …” its like getting magnets from all the places you have been. Now I have a goal to do Big Steppin everywhere I go. Its something I love to do and will never stop doing. Its fun and  great exercise all in one. I really love to do it and see peoples reactions. It’s the best when they just can’t figure it out. My dream would be to do Big Steppin in front of the pyramids in Egypt and on the moon, but the moon might be when I’m 80 years old. I just did this to do it. It’s just my thing I do. But now I realized its not just me Big Steppin but many of you as well. WOW, I feel honored and glad you guys like it. It’s fun, right?

To all my Big Steppers out there, you rock and thank you for the love. I love all the videos and pictures you guys do. It’s so cool to be Big Steppin with you guys in person or through the web. Soon I will have all the pictures and videos up on my site to share with everyone. I have many of them up already on the pictures section and in the video section on my site. Also, soon I have some v-neck shirts for the ladies coming out. Many of you want them so I’ll do it.

I do Big Steppin most of the time to remind me that sometimes in life you have to take big steps to make it. Small steps get you somewhere, but big steps will get you there faster. In a way we all big step in life or want to. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to do it. Everyday take a bigger step to make your goals happen and you will find  the “Big Stepper” in you. You all rock.


Aaron Goodwin




This is my 1st blog ever in my life. I want to tell you guys what I have been up to for a long time now. I have worked as a camera operator and editor for about 13 years. I started off doing this all on my own.  I was self-taught at first by picking up a camera and shooting. I edited the footage with 2 VCRs.  Thank God computer software came out.  After doing this for about 3 years I got myself into the industry and worked from production assistant all the way to shooting/producing my own TV pilots and short films. I held a normal job the entire time on the side and never really had a day off. My friends and I would hang out like normal, but instead of going out and partying we made short films and brain stormed.

Many people helped me to get where I am in the last 13 years. I have always had a passion for Indie films and working with many different artists. Whenever I had a chance I helped anyone and everyone out. This is also how I got to see how tough the industry is. Some awesome talent is never seen because of money or just never having the shot to be seen or heard.  My friends and I would shoot anything to show our friends on YouTube or have get togethers to watch what we shot all the time. The fans of what we shot and edited were people from work and that’s all we needed at the time.  Back then we weren’t trying to make it big. But after about 4 years of working in the industry I wanted to move on to bigger things. I started shooting bands and music videos for free for local people. I shot everything from DJ’s to movie premieres at Vegas hotels. I wasn’t worried about the money and getting paid, just doing what I love.

This brings me to my point. Doing free work only got me so far, but after a while my work was everywhere. The free work paid off and I started to get tons of work and great pay. I was lucky, most people don’t get their work out for people to see or hear.  If they do, only a handful of people hear or see new artists work. This is ok but some people who have talent never make it. So I’m doing what I can to help.

With all the good experience I went through (and a lot of bad, it’s part of the job) I want to help people out like I was helped. For about 8 years now I have been trying to make a company that helps independent people out to get a better chance at being seen or heard through music, art, and film. This is the main reason for Aaron Goodwin Collections. Besides my artwork on the site, I want to help others get recognized.  My friend Steed and I made a music studio for the people of Vegas to play, be heard and record their music.  Our passion is to put Vegas back on the map for musicians and artists.  Vegas isn’t just sin city and a party town, ok sometimes it is, but there is talent in this city that needs to be seen and heard. So we made a place just for that. I just want to help new artists out to be seen or heard. Just wait until you see what it’s all about in the next few months.

I’m also working with 2 artists right now that are painting my thoughts. One is painting ideas I have and the other is painting my nightmares along with some original pieces. If you follow me on twitter then you know who the artists are or have seen me twitter their art. I’m so stoked about this. I love the dark creepy scary art out in this world. Something about it interests me. Maybe its because of what I do for a living that helps.  I just wanted to tell you guys what I have been up to besides the show lately and what my web site will be all about very soon. For now its just my work on it. But soon it will be a great place to see new artists work and links to artists all over, not just Vegas.

Aaron Goodwin


So here it is the 1st painting of 12 of my nightmare’s collection. For about a year now my nightmares have been so vivid its almost like I’m being told a story. So instead of doing nothing about it, I have written them all down. Now I’m having moments in my dreams put on a painting. The dreams I have are in great detail and never stop telling me a story.

I am working with Adam Michaels on these paintings. His work is just like how my nightmares look. The way he paints and his vision is like he was reading my head in all his paintings. I met Adam about 2 years ago at 1st Friday in Las Vegas. Every 1st Friday of the month Vegas has a place where local artist come and sell their paintings and crafts. I started buying his work right away. You probably have seen allot of what I got from him because I twitter his work all the time. After being a huge fan of his work I approached him and told him what I do. After months of talking with him I asked if he would be interested in painting the nightmares I’m having each night. We talked a lot about how I think and I really let him see what’s in my head and what haunts me. We talked for months before we started on the 1st painting. Most of the people he painted from his own mind looked like the people in my dreams.  At first we were so worried what I told him to paint would not be what I was thinking, but we were wrong.  In fact he new more than what I told him and it shows in his work. It’s odd how we think so similar and that’s why he is the only one who can paint my dreams.

So we’re now on a 12 painting nightmare collection of what I’m thinking. Also, each painting is a chapter in my dream that I am writing a movie about. After all 12 paintings are done it will be an outline of the movie. This movie/nightmare is a whole new look at Vampires and how they were. I don’t want to give too much away so the paintings will tell the story. We are also shooting trailers for each painting and I will write short stories about the paintings in due time.

We have made endless posters for sale for $20.  The canvas prints are with Adam’s real brush strokes painted on the canvas print.  He personally paints on each canvas print to give each print an artists touch. Adam paints some of the parts of the background and the blood. No reprint is the same, which gives it a one-of-a-kind print. There will only be 50 reprints with Adam’s touch-ups. Each painting will be numbered 1 through 50. We will be selling them for $200 plus shipping and handling. We both autograph the painting shipped to you. This is the 1st of 12 paintings coming out from Adam and I.  We are working now on the next painting in the collection that comes out soon.

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