The first Tron movie was amazing to watch as a kid. That movie always brings me back to my childhood imagination, but the second Tron metaphorically relates to me in a major way. How, you ask? Well, it’s about hunting ghosts. It’s about getting thrown into a world you never knew or never even thought of. Bam! There you are!

Let me explain: you never know what the future holds, and neither did the son of Kevin Flynn. When he went to explore his dad’s work, he had no idea what he was about to get himself into. As he got zapped into Tron’s world, he found himself alone on the Grid. This is just like me in very big way, how I was thrown onto the ghost hunting grid that changed my life forever. When Sam went out on his quest to find his father he came across many obstacles and battles. He faced challenges that would train him to reach his goal. It’s just like me being thrown into battle with the demons and spirits that haunted these locations we went to. I too had to learn a way to confront or battle these entities just like Sam had to for the wars on the Grid.

The fight with spirits might be different than fighting bad guys on the Grid, but the world of hunting and investigating spirits is a lot like the battle with Clu’s minions. You communicate with easy spirits until you come across one of the powerful, major entities – just like how Sam encountered Clu. I too have met a powerful entity, but over the years I have continued to investigate so that I may learn what I need next to complete my mission. Sam does the same thing trying to find his father and get him off the Grid.

Sam eventually locates Flynn and has to find a way to get off of the Grid before he is trapped forever. During my time ghost hunting, I’ve tried to find answers and figure out what I need to eventually complete my task, but I’ve learned that there is no completion until the afterlife. Sam, Flynn, and their ally, Quorra all go out and fight Clu’s minions just like me and the guys do when we have to investigate and deal with entities. We always battle through until the next confrontation. In Tron: Legacy, Sam almost succeeds in rescuing his father and getting him off of the Grid, but Flynn still has to deal with himself – his creation and twin, Clu. Flynn has to sacrifice himself in order get his son, Sam, and Quorra off of the Grid and back to the real world.

I related to Sam and Quorra trying to get off of the Grid for a long time. I was fighting all of these bad entities, becoming stronger, figuring out ways to find my answers, and be done with it. However, I’ve learned during my time hunting ghosts over the years that I am more like Flynn. I’ve been giving myself up to the spirit world for a long time now. Doing what I do, and the person that I have become as a result, has put me on the grid of spirits. It’s a grid that I can’t get off of because I have gone too far. I gave myself up for the job. That’s more important to me than moving onto a normal way of life. My life is on the Sprit Grid now. I will never lead a normal life after doing all of this. What is a normal life, anyhow? We all have our own way. We all struggle to get better or complete sort of mission. So, in a metaphorical way, we can all relate to the Tron movies. You just have to find your character.

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Apr 01, 2016
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As a fellow Tronie, you rock!!!😉
Keep doing what you’re doing. You are a true inspiration, you are living my dream. Something I feel I was destined to do as well, and I do on my own terms. I “feel” connected to another world somehow, someway, I can’t explain. Im sure you can relate. Keep on, keeping on. And keep Big Steppin’! I promise next time I see you in Vegas, I won’t be afraid to ask you for a pic. LOL 😉 Thanks for all you and the guys do Aaron!
“I kept dreaming of a world I thought I’d never see. And then one day… I got in.” – Kevin Flynn

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Aug 16, 2015
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Have you ever read Joseph Campbell? He wrote about the “hero’s journey” and how the myth story is the same throughout cultures and time. I think it also applies to each of our lives. Sounds like you’re entering the martyrdom stage of your life when you are willing to give up yourself for the greater good of others.

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Aug 04, 2015
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Daniela Irene Simbeni

Hello Aaron,

originally I wanted to send this to you via the contact-window and not through a blog reply. But since it doesn’t seem to be able to send it, I’m going to send it here. You can delete my message to you afterwards 😉 I still hope, I will get an honest reply from you :). So, here we go:

I hope you are well. The reason I write here to you, is the following:

I don’t know, if you and the others at GAC Headquarters ( have received my inquiry email – which is honest and sincerely written and meant. If you haven’t received the email, please tell me and I’ll send it again.

I myself have had paranormal experiences since I was four years old. The last one I had at the end of May this year.

I know I’m asking quite a lot of you, Aaron, but please read the inquiry I sent to Headquarters and then decide with the other guys if yes or no. I don’t know, if you have to ask the TV Channel that sponsors, pays and broadcasts your TV series as well, regarding my inquiry and suggestion.

All I ask is to have a fair chance and that my inquiry is taken seriously (I’m getting 31 years old on the 12th of September and am no child, but a responsible young woman) and to at least get an honest answer-email, so I know what you have decided.

Now, at this time, is my time to decide what to do with my life (private and business). If I am not having the courage now, I never will. And so I have written to GAC Headquarters (on 28th of July). And if I get the chance to prove myself job-wise, I will give not only my best, I will give all I have.

No matter how my inquiry turns out in the end, I thank you for everything: for reading my email, discussing it with Zak, Billy, Jay & Ashley (and the TV Channel, if you have to have their permission), and for hopefully writing and sending back an answer-email.

Before I send this to you, something else: I admire you for doing the toys charity for Kids, so that they can have a wonderful, happy Christmas. Your artwork and the clothing line – superb 🙂 I’m really curious how all the 12 nightmare pictures will look. Still I wish for you to be able to sleep and dream also of wonderful things and experience them in real life. You deserve not only luck and happiness in the job at GA, but also in the private sector 😉

I wish you all the best in the world and may your dreams and wishes come true!

I will try to be patient and await your answer-email to my inquiry with an open, couragous and thankful heart.

Daniela Simbeni

P.S.: Irene is my middle name that not many know 😉 Just my family,a few old school friends, spirits, ghosts and unfortunately some demons.

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Jul 30, 2015
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You are right,Aaron. You can’t live a ‘normal’ life after what you’ve experienced. But that doesn’t mean you have to face all the years of your life utterly alone. And I’m not talking about the guys of GAC. Billy and Jay have each their ‘private heaven – with sometimes surely thunderstorms&lightning’. Zak has and will have whatever he needs in a love relationship. Maybe, a little later in life, he will marry (and all the fan girls/women will faint dead on the ground ;-)). Whatever works best for him.

I don’t know you in person, nor your ex-wife, but I’m sure she’s a wonderful Person. Otherwise you would have never fallen in love with her and married her. I don’t want you to feel bad&sad, Aaron. I’m just mentioning this, because you think through the things&visions you see in your dreams you have to completely shut yourself off the world and forsake any relationship or marriage at all. I know you are afraid, Aaron. I can feel it. The pain with each heartbeat of yours. Don’t ask me why, I just can feel it. I only have to think of you, how your voice sounds, some sentences you talk, the way you look so sad&lost or how you smile&laugh – you have a wonderful laugh,Aaron. Use it more! 🙂 – and then I can feel you, hear you. Not all things very clear, but clear enough.

What I want to say is the following: You let the woman you love(d) go and be free to Keep her safe from darkness&it’s evil ways. What man would do that? The answer: I know not 1 man who would be as selfless as you & that says something 🙂

You have a heart of Gold. So pure, so White, so Vibrant of love, lust, adventure & longing for finding love, being accepted as you truly are& Feeling safe with someone when you feel the world is crashing down or when you just want someone to relax with&who you can tell your deepest thoughts&secrets.

The demons at Mackey’s (I didn’t see that Episode) must have hurt you in more ways than even you know. Not just because of what happened to your ex-wife, but because, if you dare to look into the past and be honest with yourself, you are so afraid of another woman being hurt, even it’s just in a relationship – not even talking of marriage, although it would do you good to have someone as a fix part at your side – that you let each one (I don’t know how many women you have dated & it’s not for me to know, because the past is past & the here and now as well as the future are the most important things in the world of a successful relationship/marriage) go. And you were and are left alone. Alone with your thoughts, your wishes, your secret dreams, your cravings (dark&light), your hopelessness to find ever happiness again as in family life.

I know, Aaron, think about what vibes you send the other 🙂 I’m taking it to heart. And although what I write must hurt you and make you sad, read closely, you will find much positive things lurking in the lines (some inbetween).

Don’t let the demons, Satan & the darkness win. You are a wonderful Person – I don’t think there are enough words that can describe you, so beautiful you are to me inside&outside – , a good, honest man & deserve all the happiness, laughter, friendship, love and relationship/marriage (with or without Kids, whatever you prefer) you wish for; or what your heart&soul wish for and what maybe even you yourself either don’t know or just try to ignore purposefully – again in fear of being hurt again or in fear of hurting someone else (your girlfriend/wife) again.

I myself have no real knowledge of a relationship/marriage – don’t laugh, I just can’t be together with a man who doesn’t really love me or if the man who loves me I can’t love; it would be unfair to this man and to myself – but I’ve seen countless of couples (married or not) and know that there are times when they think everything is going down&is over. BUT they don’t give up! They don’t give up on each other. They believe in their love, they try to muddle out of all the difficult things that may stand in their way. Because that’s REAL, HONEST, TRUE LOVE BASED ON FRIENDSHIP. 🙂

You are a unique man – no one will EVER be able to be as wonderful, sweet, caring, funny, loving as you. You are a man with whom a woman could steal horses – you catch my meaning: Going through thick and thin together, no matter what the world throws at them.

Don’t give up on love, Aaron. Please.

I’m sure, somewhere on this world is a woman who is your true counterpart, your soulmate. A woman who can take on any Spirits, ghosts, demons, even the Devil & God, if it has to be. Because if she really loves you, she will do that in a heartbeat. That’s unconditional love, that is even more worth when it’s reciprocated, Aaron.

I don’t know what your requirements of a girlfriend/wife are, what you want her to be, how you want her to be, how she shall look, talk, think. That is what YOU have to know 🙂 Still, I can tell you a secret: Search with your heart&soul – and you will find the right one. The right one for you, who will love you with everything you are&aren’t. And I hope you will love her with everything she is&isn’t, Aaron.

You may think, you’re so deep into the Spirit world grid, that no woman could ever understand you or even want to be with you till the end of your lives – but there you are wrong. Because it doesn’t matter where you are, what’s happening around you – as Long as you love each other and are together. And if you should have children, Aaron, then love them with all your heart and have faith. They may have a Magic of their own that could surprise you 😉 Remember: Sometimes a curse can be a blessing. I don’t know what Kind of Religion you belong to and how deep you believe. I’ve been raised Roman Catholic and I do believe in God, but I’m not that overly religious. To be something too extreme is a dangerous kind of thing. There always has to be a Balance. In all things in life. Then nothing, no matter what is thrown at you, will have the power to put you in chains, no matter what kind. Most People (mostly men) believe that in a permanent relationship/marriage they are chained and can’t be free. But if one consents to commit, it is only then you truly become free. Two People deciding to share their future lives together&make it through the crazy maze of life, while loving each other for who they truly are – that’s love. True love.

And this wonderful love I wish for you, Aaron. I wish for you to be a happy&carefree as a child’s soul, feeling loved as a man who knows how to treat a woman right, and know with utter surety that this life with your girlfriend/wife and possible children – no matter what hardships may rock&try to break the boat – is the best thing in the world and – besides going on ghostly&spiritually adventures;) – all you really want. And who said, that this is a normal boring life? Have you ever thought of taking your woman with you on these adventures? Evil things can happen at all times, but having the loved one beside you, will heal you even faster. Besides it makes the bond between you and your woman even stronger 😉

Open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart, open your soul – let them guide you in your search for your own fairytale happyend. Happy endings exist, Aaron. You just have to have the courage to act.

Lovely greetings from Tirol (that’s in Austria [south from Germany in Europe], not Austalia – we don’t have jumping kangaroos ;)),

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Apr 26, 2015
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terri rice

Watched TRON tonight and I get it,,,, wonder if that is part of the reason you go out walking and part of what you think about, the grid/otherside,, on these walks,,, I have often thought that when I die I can’t wait to be able to do things for people I leave behind here,,, intervene and just help ,,, I knew tron would help him in the end,,, and I loved it when Flynn took clu back into himself and ”’boom,,, ended the whole problem,,, that would be awesome to intervene and do great things,,, would love dearly to have one of those motorcycles from the grid too you know now that would be fun ! 🙂

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Apr 22, 2015
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terri rice

I agree there is no normalality to life when you can see spirits, you just wait to hear or see what’s next. I turn a little light on, burn a little sage, talk sometimes. The wondering will end when we go home again, to the other side. I have never watched Tron yet, but I like the Matrix like that,,,, can’t go back and take the blue pill 🙂

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Apr 22, 2015
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Patricia Calhoun

I guess we all have a tale to be told. I grew up with the paranormal around me as well. You are not alone on that grid my friend. We all have our own battle to conquer. We either chose to be the victim or the victor. That is what comes down to. Wish you the best of luck and play wisely and choose your steps carefully. Even though those steps could be “big”ones.
Bless you Patricia

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